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Armed Antifa Group Offers Training Manual on Terrorism and Guerrilla Warfare

Aug 11, 2017 | ,

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WASHINGTON (Daily Caller) – An Antifa organization called Redneck Revolt is advocating for “revolution” against the rise of “fascism” in the United States, and the end of capitalism. To facilitate these goals, the group offers a variety of resources, including a training manual for conducting guerrilla warfare with sections for “executions” and “terrorism.” In the wake of the targeted shooting of Republican members of Congress earlier this year, nothing is more concerning than extremist organizations calling for armed revolts against civil society.

Redneck Revolt is one of several organizations to spring up following Trump’s victory at the 2016 polls, and is purportedly one of the largest of these Antifa organizations currently operating in the United States with over 30 chapters across 20 states.

It describes itself as a group made up of “working class and poor people” with declarations of taking “meaningful action” against “our common enemy: the rich.” It lists “militant resistance” as one of the group’s guiding principles.

Antifa members have been labeled “anarchist extremists” and listed among “domestic terrorism” groups by the Office of Homeland Security in New Jersey. Daily Caller deputy editor Scott Greer compared antifascist groups to terrorists in a Fox News appearance.

Much of the group’s official website includes rhetoric pulled straight out of Marxist publications, echoing various talking points often spouted by leftists about the evils of capitalism, property ownership, “artificial borders,” and basic systems of social order, including police, prisons, and courts.

Redneck Revolt refers to these public institutions as “systems of social control [that] only exist to serve the rich,” and calls for the end of the “nation-state project.” It lists the US Armed Forces alongside the Ku Klux Klan as having “undermined the struggle for freedom among all people.”

The “Resources” page of the group’s website offers a number of publications that promote violence, including a 36-page manual called the “Mini-Manual of the Urban Guerrilla,” which advises readers on how to conduct urban warfare, with sections on “sabotage,” “kidnapping,” “executions,” and even “terrorism.”

Other publications include “Piece Now, Peace Later: an anarchist introduction to firearms”—a how-to guide for weapons handling—and a variety of intersectional feminist and anarchist essays.

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