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Report reveals interesting way to add value to a home

May 19, 2017 | ,

Forget about converting the attic into an extra room or gutting the kitchen, adding value to a property can be as simple as a change of name.
Rebecca Harper

When we think about adding value to a home, a lot of people will immediately start planning elaborate renovations or dream of replacing their kitchen. While these might add value to a home, there are more simple steps that a homeowner can take to sell their home for a higher price.

A recent report revealed that giving a home a name can help to boost the value. So Heather Cottage would sell for more money than 32 Buckshaw Lane. Perhaps it adds a sense of history to the property, or perhaps it just makes a house seem more like a home? Whatever the reasons, shrewd homeowners would be wise to register their new home name sooner rather than later.

In order to have your new home name officially accepted, it must be approved by the land registry, and the postal service will also have their say. For obvious reasons, you can’t name your property anything offensive, and it can’t be similar to anything else in the area. This method works best for detached homes and cottages, but quaint terraced houses would also benefit from a change of name. To seal the deal, homeowners should also invest in a home name plaque to welcome visitors and prospective buyers.

For anyone who doesn’t want to change their home name, there are some other simple ways to add value to a home. De-cluttering your home by investing in a storage unit can help prospective buyers to see the home as an empty canvas. Decorating in neutral shades can also help this. Focus on clearing the bathroom and kitchen of personal items, as these are two areas that are highly personal.

If you have money to spare, investing in some landscaping around the property can help to entice prospective buyers and help them envision living in the space.


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